Bullying: We need to Talk About It

Why am I Talking About Bullying?

There’s a girl, I do not have permission to say her name so I will omit it, that recently made a choice to escape her tormentor by taking her own life. (The bullying is under investigation.) This girl believed that her only way out of her pain and misery was death. This event has deeply affected a lot of people, especially her close friends and family(sending prayers to them). She was the sweetest girl, in fact she was a friend. She helped me out during the tough transition to our new house a year ago, I just wish that I could have done the same for her while she was dealing with a cyber bully.


What is Bullying?

Over the years, I have encountered many people who enjoy asserting their dominance over another. There are several different ways to interpret that statement. Once, I witnessed a physical fight between two boys who both wanted power over the other. While this is definitely an example of dominance, there is another kind that hides under, behind the physicalities. This kind of power over another is achieved by berating another until their defensive walls collapse, allowing the other to do whatever they want. To put this more simply, bullying is very common around the world.There’s so many different types of berating another until they crack, it is almost unbelievable. There’s one that I would like to specifically address because it has affected a person I know just recently. Cyber bullying has been the number one way to make a person feel as if they are a useless being, who is imperfect in every way possible.  The bully can “anonymously” call another person names, insult every part of their character, body or simply their existence to gain only God knows what; possibly power or seeing another break into tears, I don’t know. It is depressing to see how a person can be so cruel and selfish because they believe that no one will see them doing it because a Snapchat disappears after such and such time.  Having technology just fingertips away is giving these bullies 24hrs/7 days a week access.  

How Bullying Can Affect Victims?

Bullying deeply affects people, it stresses them to the point that they may be having mental breakdowns and anxiety attacks just thinking about that bully. When a person is dealing with these every day, they just want to see a way out. The constant access can feel relentless.  The girl I mentioned earlier must have felt that she could not take the pain anymore and committed suicide. I am so sorry that she thought she could not bring this up to anyone, because if she did, she may have prevented her own fatal choice. Suicide is not the answer to a bully. As we have been told in school and by our parents:  It is a permanent solution to a TEMPORARY problem.


Can We Prevent a Tragic Outcome?

All you have to do to combat the bully is go to an adult! If you don’t like your parents, go to the guidance counselor, a favorite teacher or someone else that you know and have them listen to your problems. Relieve yourself from your burden and share it with another to get help. Also, do not worry about being a snitch. Your loved ones would rather have you report a bully than be a suicide victim.


Final Thoughts

Please realize that every person on this planet is important. Everyone has a special purpose. You are a beautiful person who has a VOICE. You are an amazingly talented person who can BELIEVE IN HIMSELF. You are a determined person who can DO ANYTHING YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO.


Please do not forget that.



P.S. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, you can contact me via DM.

P.P.S. If you or another is feeling hopeless, aka suicidal, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/

P.P.P.S. Here are a few websites you can see to help you with bullying, inspiration and love.







Lot’s of love to you all,



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