Life Happens part 1

The Month of October

Hey guys! It’s been about three weeks since I had updated my blog, and I am sorry about that. Life happens and I just had to do some stuff. After the last post, the weeks went by because:

1.  I was kinda sick and not feeling well.

2.  I was studying for the PSAT while having to finish a bunch of homework.

3. I didn’t have the time to write because of a combination of schoolwork and the car accident (Everyone’s fine! Don’t worry!!).

After all that, I have finally am able to write today! Super excited to get back on schedule!

Where to start? I mean, we actually did quite a lot last month. I just didn’t have the time to write!


Salem Witch Festival

Do you guys remember us going to the Salem Witch Festival? My family and I had a great time walking around seeing so many people dressed up. Wish I had known that we could have! I totally would have came in a costume! I recognized quite a few characters while walking through the festival. The Ghost Busters costume was my favorite. Also, some people put a lot of time into their costumes. They had awesome make-up and their costumes were not generic but layered.

My family and I had time to learn about the Salem Witch Trials and walk through their museum. We thought it was really interesting to learn all about how it started, who was accused of being a witch and what happened to them.

Boston’s Museum of Science

The day after the festival, we went to Boston’s Museum of Science. I loved it! There was so much to do! We went into the planetarium to watch a documentary of American state parks in IMAX 4D. Felt like we were on a ride!

We explored the dinosaur section that our little paleontologist, Gwynneth, needed to see.  She was super excited to prove to us that she was correct in saying that “velociraptors are no bigger than the size of a chicken”. I guess Jurassic World didn’t quite prove my point.

After that, we went into another exhibit to learn about human perception of sounds, sight, and touch. There were also plenty of buttons to press, which entertained Joseph. I love him, but how many times can you hear a cow moo? (I just asked him, evidently he could’ve listened 20 million more times) There was plenty of things to see throughout the museum. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see it all due to time constraints.

Car Accident

I would like to repeat…EVERYONE IS FINE!! (No major injuries.)  Our car got rear-ended by another car. Sad face.  We were fine, but the car wasn’t. The bumper and hatchback were smashed up. We just learned that it is not totaled though! That’s really good news!

I just want to take some time to thank the police officers, first responders for helping us, especially with my brother. Little dude was in the 3rd row and super scared and sobbing. Eventually he stopped after everyone’s kind words and snack from the police officer. Huge thanks for the snacks and stickers Patrolman Audet! This is why you #WearYourSeatbelts



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