How I Prepare for Winter Track and Field

Winter Track

The indoor-track season has begun! I am so excited to finally start practicing again! I loved last years winter track season, and can’t wait to get back in the groove. We started on Monday this week, and I felt so out of shape lol. We ran about a mile and a half in total on the first practice, I personally was not expecting that on the first day. However, I did it! Yay! Never ran that much before in one day, so that’s definitely an accomplishment. Yesterday it was super cold and rainy so we got to run in the school. That’s one of my favorite parts of indoor track because it’s an excuse to run like crazy through the halls! WHICH IS A LOT MORE FUN THAN YOU WOULD THINK!

This is the first week of practice, so I don’t have much to say about it, but I have some tips on how to prepare for track(or simply running):

  • Run– In order to be a consistent runner, you have to run several times a week. Start off with a comfortable pace that doesn’t exhaust you on the first day. Just get used to running (for at least five minutes) at one pace. That way you are not full on sprinting for a minute and exhausting yourself in the process.
  • Have Goals- alright this sounds cheesy, but having a goal or two definitely helps. Your goals give you a idea of what you should be running. It can be simply that you have to beat your previous time from the last competition by half a second. Or it can be goals that relate to how much you run in a day, week or month. Also, make sure it is a reasonable goal that you can reach within the year, I don’t say that I am going to be as fast as Usain Bolt within the week lol.
  • Grab the right stuff-  By this, I mean you need the right equipment. Obviously running shoes are a necessity, and flat shoes with no grip like Converse do not count as running shoes. Depending on what you like to run, you would have lighter running shoes(sprinting) or you will have shoes that are slightly bulkier and meant for running a longer period of time(long-distance). This is very important because you don’t want to make the mistake of running in bulky shoes(ahem I ahem made the ahem mistake) if you are sprinting. Another thing you need is a watch that has some sort of timer. That way, you can track how well you are covering ground. No ‘special’ watch is needed to do this. Finally, the clothes that you run in can affect your running, especially in the winter. If you can’t get warm, your muscles don’t loosen up which can become a problem when running. Wear enough gear to stay warm. The long sleeves, fleece, gloves, ear warmers, hats, sweatpants, you name it. Stay warm, and if you get too hot, just take a layer off. This is important for both long-distance and sprinting if you train outside.
  • Eat enough to regain calories lost- even if you are running to lose weight, you have to eat! Starving yourself and running doesn’t do you any good because you won’t have the right amount of energy to do it correctly! I eat breakfast, lunch, a snack right before practice(includes granola bar, and Gatorade) and dinner so that I can build muscle and not lose muscle(FUN FACT: Did you know that after some time of not having enough energy, your body will start to ‘eat’ your muscle? That’s why it’s important to eat!)
  • Stay Hydrated!!- Honestly, even though this is last on the list, this is so important. Drinking enough water each day to replenish the water lost through sweat, saliva, tears, etc. because you don’t want to become dehydrated. Believe me, you definitely don’t want to have a splitting head ache because of not drinking water!

    Well, that’s all I have for right now. Do you guys have any other tips to share? Might help someone out!!

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